Most repairs consist of a $40 Deposite*(Subject to markers 2010 and newer.)


Price, is reflected based on parts, that may need to be replaced. In which we will contact you for further instructions.


 We can service, the more widely used markers, on the market, as long as parts are readily available.  


May take up to 3 weeks for major repairs, depending on severity of issues.  Once you get in touch with our tech via email and an RMA(return mail address) number has been issued you. The following steps need be taken to ensure proper cataloging for repairs.



  • Ship and label your package with the proper RMA# and correct address for us to ship back

  • Please print out the detailed email with  any issues you are having with your personal item/ product.  then place it inside with the package.

  • Make sure to pre-pay the pay-pal fee of $40 nonrefundable payment unless other arrangementshave been made.  Or your marker will sit here under a repair lean!  (meaning its ours until paid!)


Local Repairs, are subject to a 72hr turn around. This is based on time of drop off, severity of repair, and amount of repairs on hand.


* $40 nonrefundable deposit pays for simple minor adjustment’s. oring replacement and servicing of simple items.

(we do not replace parts for free and once problem has been found we will contact you for further payment  via email.)

Should you choose to complete the repair,payment will need to be sent via paypa,l or credited invoice,

prior ro the final completiion of the repair!

If you choose not to pay extra for parts, we will ship your marker back as an uncompleted repair with a documented
 stating the owner chose, not to complete the repairs needed.



Any Markers being older than 2010 can, and will be subject to a more extensive repair cost. List Below will show which markers will be subjected to a $150 deposit, no matter severity of repair.

  • WGP AutoCocker (Pump, Standard, Ebladed)

  • Ion’s, Epiphany’s, SP1’s

  • Intimidators (clones or any style spimmy)

  • Matrix (all Models)

  • Brass Eagle Rain Makers

  • WDP

  • ADG

  • ICD